Notice to HPD Rx Customers

March 5, 2020


All mushrooms currently used to make HPD Rx Lions Mane, Cordyceps, and Six Defenders extracts were harvested and dried in the Fall of 2019. These mushrooms have been safely and securely stored with our

processing partners, who are now back to work.


Processing of the dried mushrooms takes place in a GMP certified processing facility.  The mushrooms are cooked under pressure at 90-100 degrees C then spray dried at 180 degrees C. The final extract powder is packed into plastic lined foil bags in a HEPA filtered clean room. The bags are then placed in a sealed fiber drum for shipping.


Workers in our processing facilities always wear gowns and masks as part of the GMP protocol. All illness is also monitored as part of the GMP and workers are never allowed to start work if they show any signs of illness.


No virus would survive the extraction process or the 4-6 weeks of shipping to our LA Warehouse and 2 weeks of quality control analytics.  Although there have been some delays, new shipments have already arrived from China and we do not foresee significant disruption to product production.


For further information, we recommend visiting the website of the US Government Center for Disease Control.