AHCC® and Immunity

AHCC® and Immunity

Throughout history, people have attempted to increase the strength of their immune systems, which are responsible for keeping them healthy. The immune system fights bacteria, viruses, and pathogens by connecting a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs.

Many things can hurt your immune systems, like stress, lack of sleep, compromised diet, and sedentary lifestyles. Some people also have conditions that make their bodies incapable of fighting pathogens. Therefore, much effort is placed into enhancing and strengthening one's immune system.

The best way to boost your immune system is a healthy diet complemented with supplements. To ensure an individual gets the essential nutrients, they need to stay healthy, supplements contain various compounds that can help a person's diet. Over-the-counter and without a prescription, supplements are available everywhere.

There are a lot of supplements out there that claim to boost your immunity. Numerous studies have shown that AHCC® boosts the immune system.* Eastern medicine has been using mushroom formulas it for centuries, and now they’re getting popular in Western medicine.  

What is AHCC®?

Basidiomycete mushrooms, typically called shiitake, are the source ingredient of AHCC®. For years, traditional medicine practitioners have used mushrooms on their own to treat a combination of ailments and support various body systems. AHCC® ingredients are mineral, polysaccharide, amino acid, and lipid-rich. An acetylated alpha glucan is an active ingredient in AHCC®.

The Health benefits of AHCC® include boosting your overall health system, but it's most popular for its immune-boosting properties.* The reason AHCC® is becoming so prevalent in Western medicine is that it's an affordable, easy way to support your immune system.

What's So Great About AHCC®?

The AHCC® supplement isn't new. Whenever there's an ailment, Western medicine has historically pushed prescription medicines. Overprescribing medications has become a big problem in recent years. The opioid epidemic and prescription pain pills are perfect examples of this. In response, there has been a huge movement against over prescriptions of drugs.

AHCC® is made from natural ingredients. AHCC supplements are now available at reasonable prices from notable American supplement companies like HPD Rx and also available on Amazon.

How Does AHCC® Boost Your Immunity?

It isn't easy to know if supplements are real when they claim to do things like boost your immunity. AHCC®, on the other hand, has been tested in multiple preclinical and clinical trials on animals and humans. 

Scientists have found that AHCC® improves overall immune function, enhances natural killer cell activity, increases dendritic cell function, and increases T-cell proliferation.* the immune system works better when all of these things are happening.

Are AHCC®'s Immunity-Boosting Properties Able to Help People?

Now that AHCC® has been proven to boost the immune system, the next step is understanding how it could be used medically. Although AHCC® improves immune function, it's worth noting that it doesn't cure anything. It's just a supplement that improves immune function.

We have a very complex immune system. Underactive immune systems (immunodeficiency) are more prone to diseases and ailments than those that are overactive. If the immune system becomes overactive, it can lead to the body attacking its healthy tissues in the body, leading to autoimmune diseases. Finding the right balance for your immune system is the key to good health. 

Is AHCC® Right For You?

AHCC® supplements can boost your immune system, but should you use them daily? That depends. 

Check with your primary health care provider before adding anything new to your daily routine. In some cases, AHCC® may be beneficial to some people, while in other cases, it may be harmful to others. When a person has an underactive immune system, AHCC® supplements might benefit them if they are added to their daily routines. A person suffering from an autoimmune disorder may suffer even more from the supplements, as they may worsen their condition.

Everyone's body is different, so everyone's reaction to AHCC® will be different. Because of this, patients must research AHCC® to figure out what it is, how it works, and whether or not it may benefit them. 

Even if your primary care physician doesn't bring the topic up, you should advocate for your own health if you think AHCC® supplements might be helpful.

FDA regulates supplements differently than drugs. As a result, there aren't as many regulations. A person should find a high-quality product if they decide to add AHCC® to their daily routine.

Our AHCC® supplements are available now so if you're interested in learning more about AHCC® or want to see how supplements can improve your life take a look at what we have available. 

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