HPD Rx ONE or PAPCLEAR – Which Is Best for Me?

HPD Rx ONE or PAPCLEAR – Which Is Best for Me?

With the introduction PAPCLEAR, you may ask what’s the difference between this formula and HPD Rx ONE? While they both include many of the same high quality, clinically tested ingredients, PAPCLEAR has 21 of the highest quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients while HPD Rx ONE includes an additional 10 nutrients for a total of 31 ingredients.

Both are designed to complement AHCC® and the tremendous benefits individuals get who take this regularly. HPV can often create a situation where the body becomes depleted of key vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. PAPCLEAR and HPD Rx ONE are both packed with the essential ingredients needed to support maximizing the body’s natural response to HPV and many other infections. They are both designed to be a significant aid in supporting the rebuilding of your immune system health.

Difference Between HPD Rx ONE and PAPCLEAR

So what’s the difference? HPD Rx ONE’s recommended daily dosage of 6 capsules totals 3,838 mg while PAPCLEAR’s recommended daily dosage of 3 capsules totals 1,560 mg. HPD Rx ONE has an increased dose of Organic Shiitake (500 mg vs. PAPCLEAR’s 50 mg) and includes DIM instead of the Broccoli Seed Extract which you will find in PAPCLEAR.

HPD RX ONE also has these additional 10 key ingredients:

  • Vitamin A (vision health)
  • Vitamin K (bone health)
  • Thiamin (glucose metabolism and nerve, muscle, and heart function)
  • Riboflavin (cell growth, energy production, and the breakdown of fats, steroids, and medications)
  • Niacin (lowers cholesterol)
  • Vitamin B6 (brain, nerve, skin health)
  • Choline (brain and nervous system)
  • Calcium (bone health)
  • Magnesium (healthy muscles, nerves, bones and blood sugar levels)
  • Chromium (healthy blood sugar levels).

Essentially HPD Rx ONE is designed to support your optimal immune system function while also providing you with a complete multivitamin for overall system health. Please see the detailed diagram for the exact ingredients and milligrams in PAPCLEAR and HPD Rx ONE. Either choice, you are giving your body the support needed to be at its best.


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